Cinematographer Mike Svitak On Shooting Commercials vs. Movies.

Cinematographer Mike Svitak and I have shot more cars and comedy in the last 13 months than most filmmakers do in their entire career. In this episode, we chat about all that, as well as his movie making experiences. And his new film, “6 Below” challenged him to shoot in the most extreme conditions. You will love this talk, I pinky promise. Here’s a new Ford F-150 spot we just did for the NFL with the Steelers mascot:



This episode is an hour and 20 minutes. Next Commercial Directing Bootcamp is December 2nd, 2017 and is filling up fast. Commercial Directing Bootcamp is December 02, 2017 in Los Angeles and tickets are already being gobbled up. We are one third full so do not dilly dally.
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