How To Book National Commercials With Comedian/Actor Wayne Federman.


Comedian/Actor/Writer Wayne Federman is my favorite comic, and he’s just put out his debut comedy album, The Chronicles of Federman. The box set of three CDs (also available digitally) spans his 30 plus years of unique, killer stand-up.  Judd Apatow, who writes the liner notes, says “Epic, hilarious, inspired and whimsical.” And Mr. Apatow goes on and on. Oh, and I must reveal, Wayne is also my best pal.

Wayne has acted in dozens of national commercials, with a proportionate amount of them being oddly-costumed characters. Regardless, Wayne shares his secrets on how he approaches his auditions and gets booked time and time again. We also chat about how he constructed and edited “Chronicles” himself, so plenty of tech talk here.

Here’s Wayne and Kenny Rogers for Geico:

The Wayne Federman Commercial MegaMix:
Here’s a Toyota spot I directed Wayne in called “Charades“.

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This episode is 80 minutes, give or take, of our banter. Please like the show on iTunes.

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