Top 5 Trade Secrets From Comedy Director Jeffrey Fleisig.


This episode is like a Master Class for any director that aspires to shoot commercials for a living. Jeffrey Fleisig and I met while we were both on the roster at Über Content, and we instantly hit it off as friends. Professionally, I admire the subtle performances he delivers and his keen talent for crafting a great ad.

No doubt you’ve seen one of his 80-plus Progressive Insurance spots – he cast “Flo” – or his new Wendy’s commercials. We chat about the secret to longevity with a client, how to prepare for a conference call, talk a little tech talk, and yes, we moan about those pesky treatments.

These performances are so sly.

Here’s the well-crafted Axe spot we chat about:

And men getting hit in the balls for Coke Zero:

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  • Jordan Yanco April 23, 2014 at 6:33 am

    Oh no! Can’t hear the sound on the Coke Zero spot. Great podcast though


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