Podcast Producer Shawn Marek’s Top 5 Filmmaking Podcasts.

Shawn Marek is a producer of many a podcast, so he stopped by the RTP Studios to tell us his favorite filmmaking shows. He’s producing a live show in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Improv. It’s Thursday, October 5th, 2017 called “LA Podfest Preview Night” so get tickets now!

Shawn and his lovely wife Jen Stansfield host a podcast themselves, called “Worst Collection Ever” about their comic books. Shawn’s pro-wrestling podcast is “I Can Talk Kayfabe” with Joe Todaro. Take both for a spin.
Check it out.

I know you’ll find this a fascinating chat, as you already love my podcast.



This is 90 minutes full of fun. Commercial Directing Bootcamp is December 02, 2017 in Los Angeles and tickets are already being gobbled up.
“I Am Battle Comic” is sweeping hearts and funny bones across the nation. Own it today!

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