Filmmaker Damian Fitzsimmons Is Living The Dream With Brave Man Media.

My friend Damian Fitzsimmons is a filmmaker, creative director and company owner but he really just enjoys telling stories. Born in Liverpool and now in South Florida by way of NYC, he started Brave Man Media and has been working non stop ever since. Brave Man, as I call it, is a full service shoppe and we discuss what that entails to stay afloat.

You’ll love Damian’s fascinating journey. After being literally paralyzed for months, he rose like a phoenix and now living life to the fullest. I’m also delighted he and the Brave Man team going bi-coastal, so we can hang out more often. We talk about this spot for Diamonds by Raymond Lee, so watch here.

Check out his music video for Raggy Monster.



This episode is just over 90 minutes. Mark your calendar for August 8th, 2017 to get “I Am Battle Comic” from Monterey Media!!

Commercial Directing Bootcamp is filling up fast for August 26th, in Los Angeles.

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