Morphing From Photographer Into Busy Filmmaker With Kristyna Archer.

Filmmaker Kristyna Archer has a style and aesthetic I admire: it’s crisp, bold and colorful. A busy professional photographer, we chat about how her career has morphed into more and more directing gigs, as she explores new outlets of creativity. She also is the creator of the MergeLeft Podcast, a podcast exploring art and commerce thru conversations with shape-shifters in arts, media, advertising, and entertainment, which I am an upcoming guest on. Soon people. Check out this spot we discuss at length.

Daymond John for from Kristyna Archer on Vimeo.

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Commercial Directing Bootcamp is March 11, 2017 in Los Angeles. Only 20 filmmakers are accepted. Sign ups happening now!

By the way, thet new extended trailer is out for “I Am Battle Comic” is tearing up Facebook!

Commercial Directing Bootcamp is March 11, 2017 in Los Angeles and will sell out again so sign up now.

The episode is 67 minutes of fun.

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