From Producing At DDB To Directing Comedy Spots Everywhere With Greg Popp.

Commercial comedy director Greg Popp went from film school to producing classic ads at DDB Chicago, where his work with Anheuser-Busch won literally every major advertising honor. But that directing bug gnawed at him until he said goodbye to the agency side, and now he’s a much sought-after helmer of the funny.

We compare notes on gigs and our process, and swap stories from the trenches of advertising. Enjoy. Click some Greg Popp flavor here. “In the Can” makes me laugh every time.

Bud Light Lime "Can Confessions" from Greg Popp on Vimeo.

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The episode is 90 minutes or so. Sign up for the next Commercial Directing Bootcamp in Los Angeles, March 11th, 2017. That’s a Saturday immersed in the process.

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