What Filmmakers Should Not Attend Commercial Directing Bootcamp.

My wildly successful Commercial Directing Bootcamp returns to Los Angeles next month, and not every filmmaker may be qualified. This is just me babbling for three minutes telling you why you should or should not enroll. If you think you have what it takes, do not wait and do sign up today, because we are almost full. Limit 20 filmmakers.

My spots starring Fiat’s Hipster Santa, flanked by his adorable elves, Jeep’s spot with the guy camping out, and those perky PacifiKids all aired during the World Series game 7, so I was delighted. I’ll post when they hit the web. Do I dissesct those shoot in Bootcamp? Did the Cubs win? Until then, here’s one of my many Jim Gaffigan spots from this summer that still gets played.

Thanks, and go ahead and please share with a mate that might benefit.


True! Commercial Directing Bootcamp is already over half full. Los Angeles, December 3, 2016. Sign up people or suffer the rest of your career.

This episode is an hour.

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