You Be Creative And Get Help Running Your Business With Joel Pilger.



Production veteran Joel Pilger helps directors, artists and such focus on the creative side of things, while he and his team at RevThink help you run the business side of things. We chat about his company and his mission to take the pain out of running your own company. Cuz when you hit a certain level of success, shit happens. Stuff you do not want to deal with.

Joel also hosts a great podcast called RevThinking of iTunes. Check it out, and compare his episode interviewing me. He also introduced me to the term solopreneur. Oh, the phone rings but I left it in to offer you a peek behind the curtain of podcasting. And I’m lazy.



Commercial Directing Bootcamp is this Saturday, April 16th, in Manhattan and I am thrilled with the quality of filmmakers that are attending. Still room for you, if you’re special.



This episode is 65 minutes.
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