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I’m fresh off my stand-up comedy tour of the Middle East. We performed for the troops in Kuwait, Afghanistan and the Kingdom of Bahrain. Crazy times with four hilarious comedians that I now call my brothers. I also shot a documentary by myself whilest on this tour. And sure, I could have taken an Alexa mini, Red-Epic-Dragon-Platinum whatever or even a new Sony mirrorless thingy, but I chose a simple Handycam. Yup. Got her at Best Buy. Furthermore, despite the 4K option, I decided at the last minute to “fuck the 4K” the save the ones and zeros by shooting good ol’ 1080.

It’s just me rambling, and I’ll be back with interviews before you know it. Super excited from filming this once in a lifetime experience, and now to jump off the cliff into editing. Check out my comic pals Don Barnhart, Jeff Capri, Bob Kubota and Slade Ham. You’ll be happy.

Thanks and good to be back with you all, oh, yeah…Commercial Directing Bootcamp NYC is filling up, so do not miss it. April 16th, 2016.



Again, Commercial Directing Bootcamp hits NYC on April 16th, 2016. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Spots are being gobbled up. Limit 20 filmmakers.



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