How To Get From Production Assistant To Working Filmmaker With Andrew Furtado.


You recognize Andrew Furtado‘s name as the editor my documentary “I Am Road Comic”. He started out as a production assistant, but now directs his own projects and edits films like Clive Baker’s “Nightbreed: The Director’s Cut”. He also produced, directed & edited comedian Kyle Kinane’s hilarious special.

We talk self-discipline, how to avoid being set to stop traffic when you’re a PA and want to hang at the monitor, and more. Be sure to check out Andrew’s terrific podcast “Now Streaming Podcast” all about what’s on and soon to be off of Netflix. Enjoy this trailer/music video for “Nightbreed” he cut.

Here’s the link to “A Ballerina’s Tale” that I highly recommend during the intro of this show.

My next Commercial Directing Bootcamp will be in Dallas, Texas on Saturday, December 19th, 2015 – so sign up for Commercial Directing Bootcamp today! Read the reviews on this site. Pretty flattering. #blush.



This episode is 85 minutes, give or take, of our banter. Please like the show on iTunes.

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