An Actor’s Life For Jimm Giannini.


Continuing the “acting for commercials” theme, I talk with my pal Jimm Giannini for his take on the commercial biz. Jimm’s new web series, “Tyler and Borelli”, is the result of him adapting to new opportunities. Here’s an episode called “Janet” that’s charming, funny and endearing. You can tell these two actors are having fun and connecting. 3 minutes, watch it. Enjoy.

We chat about how actors should approach the auditions, (Do you need to wear a chef outfit for the chef role?) Why it’s important to be honest about yourself and he explains FICOR to me. All in all, a fun chat.

My next Commercial Directing Bootcamp will be in Dallas, Texas on Saturday, December 19th, 2015 – so sign up for Commercial Directing Bootcamp today! Read the reviews on this site. Pretty flattering. #blush.



This episode is about 90 minutes, give or take, of our banter. Please like the show on iTunes.

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