A Practical Guide To Loving Acting w Actor/Writer/Director Jack Plotnick.



Jack Plotnick’s philosophy towards creativity is so spiritually aligned with my own, that I think we might have been separated at birth. I’ve directed Jack in a few commercials, marveled at his acting chops in films like “Meet The Fockers”, “Rubber” and “Gods And Monsters”. Then I discovered his directorial debut, the feature film “Space Station 76”, an intergalactic drama with comedic undertones that I love.

Jack and I chat about creating one’s own content, setting a date to make it happen, and giving yourself boundaries, a theme that’s come up on this show a few times lately. Most of all, Jack rejects the negativity that can hound us in the biz. In his words, “the world is going to rain shit down on you sometimes, but keep going cuz it’s also going to give you great gifts along your way.” Enjoy and check out “Space Station 76” on iTunes. And here’s a link to Jack’s YouTube channel.
Enjoy the trailer to “Space Station 76”.

Space Station 76 (excerpt) from Cinefamily on Vimeo.



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