Former Penthouse Magazine Exec Turned Podcaster, Steve Belanger Mounts His One Man Show.



I met Steve Belanger when I was a guest on his podcast, The Gamut with Steve Belanger on the Sideshow Network. A raconteur and funny guy, we’ve become friends. So when he asked me if he should make a short film on life’s odd journey, I said “Absolutely not.”

It’s rare I discourage people from filmmaking, but I knew Steve was mostly a funny performer at heart. What good would mounting a short film do for a busy guy like Steve?

“It’s About Time” opens in New York in April and you won’t want to miss it. Click the title for tickets. Steve wrote and will perform and it’s directed by Broadway veteran and “Three’s Company” star Richard Kline.

We talk about collaboration, being control freaks and balance of the two. Always fun chatting with my pal Steve.

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