“Nathan For You” Co-Creator Michael Koman On Running The Show.



The “Dumb Starbucks” episode of Comedy Central’s “Nathan For You” is an instant classic. Michael Koman is what we call the “showrunner” for the series. Along with co-creator and star Nathan Fielder, Michael leads the writers to invent bits, executes them and then deals with the network. It’s a laborious task steeped in creativity. Mr. Koman’s comedy pedigree includes “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”, “Eagleheart” and “Important Things with Demetri Martin.”

My dear pal, director/showrunner Michael Addis conducts the interview, the first in a series of “Showrunner” chats. Mr. Addis was my esteemed guest back in January 2013 on this very podcast. Here’s the episode link: Hidden Camera with Michael Addis

Watch this if you’ve not seen the show. Genius.

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