Green Screen Animals’ Mark Shockley Has Already Filmed Your Beast.


This is a live lion.

Hear why David Fincher, J.J. Abrahms and myself use Green Screen Animals. Simple: Mark Shockley and his animal-loving crew shoot all kinds of creatures on green screen, and then license the footage to you. Best of all, they treat the beasts like the divas that they are. Mark only works with trainers and handlers that share his compassion for all living things.

Having worked with animals on set, I can attest that the time and money his footage saves production is well-worth it. You’ll also discover the key to working with animals: clear communication. Enjoy spots with GSA’s stars below.

Reggie Watts for “Click Clean”:

A behind the scenes, we always love those:

GreenScreen Animals – Behind the Scenes from GreenScreen Animals on Vimeo.

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