Directing “A to Z” with Michael Patrick Jann.


Director Michael Patrick Jann brilliantly draws an analogy between directing and the art of ancient Chinese calligraphy. This is a must-listen episode.

Michael knows comedy. Straight from film school to directing MTV’s “The State”, then onto “Reno 911” and countless commercials, he’s been directing the funny non-stop for 15 years. Today, Michael is an accomplished director of single camera tv comedies, and a go-to guy to shape many a network’s pilot episode. His new series “A to Z” debuts this October on NBC.

We talk about shooting pilots, the joy of winning commercials and the fickle nature of making movies. I wish I’d had this chat 15 years ago, I’d be a way better director. Enjoy.

Click Community Films to see his spots and a “Flight of the Conchords” video I love.

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