Comedian Kris Tinkle Made Another Comedy Album.



We stray from spot-making, but you’ll love my chat with Kris Tinkle. He’s hilarious and was determined to put out another comedy CD of all-new material. And I got to help, respecting the process of great recording and well-honed material.

Click to get the album on iTunes: “Kris Tinkle: Maybe I Don’t Feel Like Smiling.” We met in NYC, become pals and he’s in “I Am Road Comic”.

Kris’ story is that of yet another artist taking charge and making things happen. Oh, and shout out to Pro Wrestler Colt Cabana and his “The Wrestling Road Diaries Too”. This is a great documentary Kris turned me onto, like “I Am Road Comic” with tights and body slams.

This episode is about 36 minutes.

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