My Independence As A Filmmaker With Self-Distribution.


Creative freedom feels so good. By self-distributing my new comedy documentary “I Am Road Comic” directly to fans for $5, I’m showing the world an unfettered work. This episode is just me rambling about my grass roots strategy, and being very transparent with how the money flows. The last ten days I’ve been connecting – learning, reacting and interacting with my film’s audience. Oh, don’t fret. I’m simultaneously pursuing other outlets to bring it to the masses. Thanks in advance for your support.

I’m using two (2) turn-key sites: Gumroad and VHX. Each link is on my site, and each can host your film on a dedicated site. It gets a little nutty, and each has it’s strengths: Gumroad has a WordPress button you that makes it easy, but VHX offers PayPal. Listen and let me know what you think of the episode and the film.

Many thanks to all the comedians in the film, and the podcasters helping me spread the word. Here’s the trailer:

This episode lasts a mere 20 minutes. Please rate us on iTunes and “like” us on Facebook pretty please.

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