What is Sound Design and Who Chose That Music? Matt Miller Explains.


Matt Miller is a master at weaving the aural layers in our commercials and often composes original music for them too. Sound design, mixing and finding the right music are the most subjective arenas in all of advertising and Matt is one of the best. He also crafted the stellar mix for my new documentary “I AM ROAD COMIC”, which buoys my camcorder-quality filming. He explains how he put each comic on his/her own track. Insane.

We chat about truncated schedules that plague the process, how he manages a room of clients and agency folks while working, and offers advise to people that want to get into the enchanting world of audio post production. Warning: great tech talk.

Watch Matt’s favorite spot he’s worked on – already a classic. C’mon, it’s the Imperial March for crying out loud.

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