ECD Kevin Sutton Lives In Estrogen Hell. So He Wrote A Book About It.


Fathering five daughters inspired this week’s guest, advertising guru Kevin Sutton, to write a book, “Dear Midol: Essays from Estrogen Hell”. It’s a hilarious collection of short stories, all based in truth & good parenting. Kevin is a pal and now the Executive Creative Director at Moroch Partners, a fine advertising agency.

We chat about how director’s treatments have gotten out of hand, how SAG actors rock, and we cringe over how the almighty animatic always stifles creativity. Among other stuff. Listen!

Here’s three out of nine old spots Kevin and I made for Harvest Surprise with a camcorder and a man in a carrot suit. We agree that the last one is our fav, so scroll down.

This episode lasts about an hour and twenty minutes. Please rate us on iTunes and “like” us on Facebook pretty please.

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