Location vs. Stage, Which One Is Best?


I’m off to NYC for a secret screening of my new film “I AM ROAD COMIC”, so this is a quickie podcast of me rambling about the benefits of shooting on a stage versus a location. And of course vice versa. Just one man’s opinions, but I hope it can help inspire you.

If you’re in NYC – click here for the ticket link. Why a secret? So I can test it with an audience before the World Premiere! Thank you Friar’s Club Comedy Film Festival.

My old Quik Trip spot was shot entirely on a set, well, except for one shot:

Upcoming interviews feature The Perlorian Brothers, Australia Comedy God Arron McCann of Henry & Aaron, and author of “Dear Midol: Essays from Estrogen Hell”, Kevin Sutton. Kevin a good pal and ECD at Moroch, a fine advertising agency.

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