How Do Agency Folks View Director’s Cuts? Sr. VP/ECD Ian Barry Explains.


At age 8, second generation ad wizard Ian Barry pitched his first advertising campaign, now he’s Senior VP/Executive Creative Director at Cramer Krasselt Phoenix. We chat about how his agency chooses directors, swap stories from the trenches and he explains what a “chemistry meeting” is. After nine years and dozens of spots with this funny guy, I’m proud to call him a collaborator and friend.

Here’s just one of our award-winning comedy spots we did for Toyota:

And my director’s cut of the same spot. Why?

“Be bold and bring ideas to the table” is just one of the many nuggets I gleaned from our conversation. Have a listen and share.

Buy his brother Todd Barry’s stand-up comedy special on Louis C.K.’s website. “The Crowd Work Tour”. Todd is a fav of mine and David Letterman.

Like most, this episode lasts about an hour. Do rate us on iTunes and “like” us on Facebook pretty please.

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