What Does The Client Think? Ask Andy Baker.


Andy Baker is SVP/Group Creative Director for the National Geographic Channels. Technically, he’s the client. He runs an in-house staff of highly creative people, so he’s also the agency. As a hands-on filmmaker, Andy shouts his mantra of collaboration from the mountain top. His must-read blog, the client blog offers insights for all. Listen as we debate his blog’s “5 tips for Clients” and talk plenty of tech. (Underwater Phantom, Techno-dolly, sandbags). Scroll down for cool videos.

National Geographic promos are brimming with creativity and flawlessly executed. Andy’s blog about his “Wicked Tuna” promo shoot with Evolve and photographer extraordinaire Michael Muller is everything you need to know on the art of pre-production.

Watch this behind the scenes of Nat Geo’s “Wicked Tuna”:


Just look at went into making the promo for “Killing Lincoln”.

The spot we did in a more innocent time called Big Foot for National Geo. Shout out to Mr. Kenny Chin who has gone on to act a bunch.

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