Crash Course In Latin Market Advertising With Marcos Cline-Márquez


Marcos Cline Márquez is Executive Producer of Altered.LA, a commercial production company that services the U.S. Latin Market. What is that market? If 80% of Latinos in the U.S. speak English, why make ads in Spanish? In any language, AlteredLA is a collection of great storytellers. You’ll love Marcos’ advice for new directors.

For a guy that shoots mucho in Mexico, why did Marcos write Congress fighting runaway production? Do Spanish spots we see in the United States air in Latin America? What’s up with that bee costume?

Check out this trailer by AlteredLA’s Carlos Cuarón’s “Besos de Azúcar. Which I think means Sugar Kisses.

In celebration of our ever-melting, multi-cultural audience, enjoy this controversial spot out of Wieden+Kennedy that I wish I had made:

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  • Tim Cline March 6, 2014 at 3:26 pm

    I thought that the Marcos Cline-Marquez interview was fantastic. But I’m his father, what would you expect me to say? Except for the fact that he is a potty-mouth. The next time you see him please wash his mouth out with soap for me. I’m back home in Guadalajara and can’t do it. And besides, Uncle Sam has a restraining order keeping me at least 50 feet away from the border for spreading the ugly rumor that we did NOT win the war in Vietnam in spite of documentary evidence—the Rambo movies—to the contrary.


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