What Does A Grip Do? Nick “Soda Pop” Franchot Explains.


My guest Nick Franchot is a second-generation Key Grip and one smart filmmaker. His experience ensures the shoot runs smoothly. So just what does the Key Grip do? Don’t Grips just lift the heavy stuff? And why does everyone keep calling Nick “Soda Pop”?

Nick anticipates the DP’s needs, collaborates with the Gaffer, and supports the Director’s vision. I snuck onto set to chat with Soda Pop about the crucial role of the Grip department, healthy Hollywood nepotism and what “respect the process” means to him. It’s a quick, albeit fantastic listen.

When Soda Pop was a mere 12 years old, his father took him up into the rafters above the stage to watch a naked Grace Jones in a scene for “Vamp”. Ah, father-son bonding. Here’s some of what he saw:

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