Y&R Chief Creative Officer Jim Elliott Climbs The Volcano At 3am.


Jim Elliott, Chief Creative Officer at Y&R NY, leads by being a hands-on creative. Never one to shy away from hard work, Jim once donned a boy scout uniform for a spot we did back in the day.

Ranger Jim circa 2005.

Ranger Jim circa 2005.

Hear that story, what he learned from ad titan Jeff Goodby, and how respecting the process means preserving the integrity of the idea.

We chat about the new landscape of advertising, and all the wondrous possibilities. He shares his thoughts on what makes a good conference call. You hear his passion for great advertising in his voice. Jim’s a funny man and this episode is a gem.

I love this spot from Jim and his Y&R team:

Click here: “Ranger Jim” to see an old Rainier Beer spot I directed, starring Mr. Elliott. More than just spots, Jim and his team (CD Guy Seese gets mad props) conceived a long form web film, social & grass roots components and interactive stuff – all in the pre-Facebook era. I believe Jim is part soothsayer.

Here’s another Rainier Beer we did. Damn old.

Rainier Beer Campfire from Matthew Ralston on Vimeo.

A nice archival press on Jim in Advertising Age.

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