How to shoot hidden camera Superbowl spots with Director Michael Addis.


Comedy director Michael Addis is my hidden camera guru. He’s the go-to guy for successfully mining humor from an unsuspecting public.  I chatted with Michael the night before his shoot for a Superbowl spot. The thrill of the unknown, shooting without a net in New York City, is what he lives for.

In this episode, we learn the terms used in hidden-camera production, how to run a clandestine shoot, and where to hide the cameras. Just how useful are GoPro’s and gimmicky eyeglass spy cameras? How does he cast the actors in on the gag?

Of course, we share stories about respecting the process. This is really valuable insight from one of my best friends.

Here’s how they invited people to the Super Bowl.

Watch this Addis-helmed hidden-camera spot for Toshiba.


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