Jed Hathaway directs stop-motion comedy for Happy Honda Days.


I’ve always marveled at how “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” was shot. Now straight from the real Island of Misfit Toys, Director Jed Hathaway of Shadow Machine breaks down this intriguing world of stop-motion animation. This episode plays like a crash course in shooting puppets for advertising, as Jed explains how he twisted the Happy Honda Day’s commercial campaign into an animated hit with Secret Weapon Marketing. Learn the modern approach to the classic look.

Watch the spots below to truly appreciate what we’re talking about.

SoCal HONDA – Penguin from JED HATHAWAY on Vimeo.

SoCal HONDA – Chimney from JED HATHAWAY on Vimeo.

SoCal HONDA – Angel from JED HATHAWAY on Vimeo.

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