TV Ads And Tapas With VML Group Creative Director Pat Piper.

VML Group Creative Director Pat Piper is funny, prolific and one heck of a guy. He’s an award-winning creative that likes to stay busy. In addition to cranking out great ads, he has his own podcast called The Shakes on iTunes. Pat and I have fun talking about what it is like having comedic actors who try to one up…

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Doug Sherin

What A Commercial Director’s Sales Rep Does With Doug Sherin.

Doug Sherin reps commercial directors as well as production companies. He sells talent based on their reel. He’s like our agent, but oh he is so much more than an agent, he’s a partner in the process of developing a director’s career. Check out his stellar roster at his company, Options. We chat about how communication is key, his joy…

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My Chat With Presidential Candidate Jimmy Tingle.

Political satirist and comedian Jimmy Tingle is running for President of the United States of America on the Humor For Humanity ticket. Jimmy has been a staple on the stand up circuit for decades, prolific as he is hilarious. He’s produced his own film, and once owned his own theater. A treat to have Jimmy on the show. Here’s Jimmy’s…

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My Apology To Stuntman Eddie Braun, Evel Knievel and All Big Dreamers.

Daredevil Evel Knievel was a huge childhood hero of mine, so it was amazing and super cool that stuntman Eddie Braun successfully replicated and completed Evel’s jump attempt over the Snake River Canyon in September 2016. Bravo Eddie! But in an uncharacteristic tweet, I disrespected Eddie’s passion and success, and publicly want to set the record straight. It’s cool as…

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How To Be A Successful Sound Mixer/Editor In Commercials With Maurice Sydnor.

Sound Mixer Maurice Sydnor has been my friend and collaborator for over a decade. We’ve made tons of spots, and he helped me get great sound on my documentary “I Am Comic” when I had no budget at all. Starting out as a rock musician, you’ll love hearing how Maurice continues his self-taught education, always learning and adapting as the…

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First Time Director Brendan Mertens Ain’t Afraid Of No “Ghostsheads”.

“Ghostheads” Director Brendan Mertens reveals all about his new film, “Ghostheads”, yes still killing it on Netflix. This is part two of “Ghostheads”, Part I being with Tommy Avalon. Ghostheads are not just uber-fans of the film. They form chapters and raise money for charity, while giving each Ghosthead a sense of community. I recommend the film highly, which has…

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