How To Be A Successful Sound Mixer/Editor In Commercials With Maurice Sydnor.

Sound Mixer Maurice Sydnor has been my friend and collaborator for over a decade. We’ve made tons of spots, and he helped me get great sound on my documentary “I Am Comic” when I had no budget at all. Starting out as a rock musician, you’ll love hearing how Maurice continues his self-taught education, always learning and adapting as the…

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First Time Director Brendan Mertens Ain’t Afraid Of No “Ghostsheads”.

“Ghostheads” Director Brendan Mertens reveals all about his new film, “Ghostheads”, yes still killing it on Netflix. This is part two of “Ghostheads”, Part I being with Tommy Avalon. Ghostheads are not just uber-fans of the film. They form chapters and raise money for charity, while giving each Ghosthead a sense of community. I recommend the film highly, which has…

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Who You Gonna Call? Ghostheads! Filmmaker Tommy Avallone Returns.

Filmmaker Tommy Avallone returns to talk about his new film, “Ghostheads”, currently killing it on Netflix. We chat about how he reached out to the director of this fun documentary, Brendan Mertens (my future podcast guest) and his overall involvement. A real inspiring tale for us filmmakers. Ghostheads are not just uber-fans of the film. They form chapters and raise…

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Docu “Outcast Forever” Rides Along w First All-Black Motorcycle Club & Filmmaker DeVaughn Hughson.

Filmmaker and friend DeVaughn Hughson spend six years documenting Outcast, the first all-Black Motorcycle Club, literally living among these true rebels day and night. The result is an artistic peek into their raucous den and time-honored rituals. It’s a must-watch doc and the closest you’ll ever get to this unique world. I find DeVaughn’s film a riveting study of alpha…

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How To Have A Successful Career As A Commercial Editor With Shira Ankori.

My friend Editor Shira Ankori has edited some of the best comedy spots on my reel for over ten years now. We discuss working with the advertising agency creatives and why directors need to actually cut. Timing and collaboration are themes we agree on, so have a listen and share with a filmmaker you love. Thanks, Jordan This episode is…

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Bowling Rom Com “Split” By Writer/Director Jamie Buckner.

Writer/Director Jamie Buckner has made an adorable, funny romantic comedy called “Split”. Jamie tells us about making the short film first to raise the dough and the complications of shooting in a working bowling alley. He smartly went to his hometown to make the film. Please support the film by clicking here, and watch and enjoy “Split”. My favorite aspect…

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